Happy New Year 2013: A Fresh Start

A quick time lapse of some lettering to welcome the New Year. Let's hope this year starts out better than this one ended. We've both been down with the flu (more or less) since the middle of the month. We survived the holiday, but this evil germ has out stayed its welcome.

The quality isn't the best. I'm still working out a better setup for taping, plus the usual battle with iMovie for editing eats up a lot of time.

Is Philadelphia The Crappiest City?

Next Animation TV (those folks who do the strange news animations, like Bin Laden Was a Sex machine), ask the question, "Is Philadelphia The Crappiest City?" The animation is so twisted and bizarre you have to laugh. As one YouTube commenter said, the only thing they got right was how bad Geno's Steaks really are. http://youtu.be/W4fTLmeIIuQ&w=640&h=440