‘The Doctor’ Experiments with lo-fi comic illustration and coloring.
 ‘Blame it on my ADD’ Pen and ink, colorized in Photoshop.
 ‘Atomic Punk’ More comic illustration and texture experiments. Apologies to Van Halen.
 ‘Eat Pizza, Make Love’ The best things in life. Pen and ink, colorized in Photoshop.
 ‘It Might Have Been’ Don’t end up like this guy.
 ‘Because Science!’ Hand lettering within a vector illustration.
 ‘Mr. Wilkerson’ Connie knows what’s up. Pen and ink.
 ‘Air’ Comic illustration with more lo-fi color experiments.
 ‘Drama Llama’ The scarf is what makes it funnier. Pen and ink, Photoshop.
 ‘Hipster Ketchup’ Look close, the chicken has Ray Bans. Digital illustration created in Procreate.
 ‘Run From Your Problems’ Started out as a mindless doodle, but I liked where it went. More Lo-fi comic style.
 ‘Donut Be Afraid’ I love doing these quick marker illustrations. Colorized in Photoshop.
 ‘We The People’ A detail of a collage of characters I used for self-promotion.
 ‘Nobody Cares’ #realtalk
 ‘Yolo’ You obviously like owls. Now you know what that means.
 ‘Captain Average’ We all just average superheroes. Except the ones that put fish in a microwave - those people are the real villains.
 ‘Save Me’ A quick marker illustration and a pun.
 ‘National Hot Dog Day’ Who on earth would pass up an opportunity to draw a cartoon hot dog bespattering mustard upon himself?
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