SUMO Heavy Logo. SUMO Heavy is an eCommerce consulting firm
 SUMO Heavy Logo (alternate)
 Resolve Media logo My old graphic design firm. Still around, if only in name.
 Philly Founded logo. A project to gather Philly tech founders.
 YAYOMG Logo. YAYOMG is a website aimed at ‘tweens.
 Be Group logo. Be Group is a talent placement firm in Holland, PA.
 Youth MOVE PA The Pennsylvania chapter of Youth MOVE National. Youth MOVE National was born to unite the voices of youth and young adults all across the country. 
 DISABILITY Logo for Mountain State Centers for Independent Living.
 Qulture Matters logo. Qulture Matters is a blog centering around Asian American affairs.
 ADShopper Logo. The concept was to make shoppable ads within email. A SUMO Heavy side project.
 Family Counseling Center of St. Paul’s. The Family Counseling Center of St. Paul's  is a behavioral health organization serving Wilmington, Delaware and the immediate surrounding community and the underserved Hispanic population.
 HomeScore logo. HomeScore is a digital tool that offers smarter saving and decision support on the journey towards being mortgage ready.
 Johnny Bones logo. Personal project. I dreamt this logo in my sleep, then woke up and drew it. That’s about where it ends, since a quick Google search tells us there’s already a Johnny Bones brand.
 Alertalytics logo. A analytics dashboard. SUMO Heavy side project.
 Chaperone Technologies logo. Chaperone Technologies developed antimicrobial products for a broad range of infectious diseases.
 Far Northeast Farmers Market logo. The client was very specific in showing the row homes of the far Northeast Philadelphia in the logo. I really enjoyed this project, especially when the market was located a two blocks from my house.
 Financial Promise logo. Financial tools for student loans.
 GreenApple Media logo. Marketing and consulting firm.
 Kaizen logo. Personal project. Kaizen is the Japanese word for improvement. At one time I considered starting a blog (just like everyone else di back then). Looking back, i shouldn’t have broken and stacked the word, but I still like how this looks. Maybe I’ll revisit this one day.
 Nerve Tonic Brand logo. Nerve Tonic Brand is a clothing/lifestyle company I started a few years back as an outlet to sell my designs online.
 Zero Bueno logo. An inside joke that was once going to be a t-shirt/clothing brand.
 Greener Pastures logo. Greener Pastures manages farmers markets in the Philadelphia area.
 Global Creative Economy Conference Logo Client: Innovation Philadelphia/City of Philadelphia
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